Saturday 2 November 2019



An outstanding debut 8 song 12" from Italian Punks EDUCATION,

Stepping forward out of the dark shadowed streets of Rome, EDUCATION unleash their first vinyl recordings to the world.

After a fantastic demo in 2018, they've built on that and produced an even better set of songs for their first vinyl outing.

Bass led riffs interspersed with almost ethereal lead guitar licks help to create a wall of sound that's amazingly catchy whilst remaining dark and full of anger. 
This is almost a concept record as the majority of the songs revolve around the prison-like school system we've all suffered in the past.

Comes housed in a silk screened card cover with surreal artwork by Francesco Mapelli and a double sided lyric insert.

Limited 300 pressing released in partnership with SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION records.

This is the best record i've heard all year, but don't just take my word for it, listen for yourself here:

Available for sale here now:

Friday 12 July 2019



Debut 12" from Greek Crust Punks KAFKA

Out of the squats of Patras, Greece, this great bunch of guys finally get their songs pressed to vinyl.

6 tracks and 25 minutes of blackened hardcore, packed with intelligence and emotion, showing the true spirit of DIY Punk that is alive and thriving over in Greece right now.

KAFKA have played many gigs with the likes of DIRTY WOMBS, ERA OF FEAR and overseas touring bands such as VISIONS OF WAR, MYTERI, DISHUMANITY to name a few.

Their sound on this LP is tight as hell, crushing in parts, beautifully melodic in others and the lyrics offer hope as much as they show despair.

Comes housed in a 380g card cover with surreal artwork by Christina Chrispee and a double sided lyric insert.

Limited 300 pressing.

Listen here:

Friday 1 March 2019

LES WONDERS - Les Wonders 7"

Debut release from Montreal Punks LES WONDERS. 
5 tracks of twisted nihilism, laced with morbid humour and biting lyrics.
Showcasing their undoubted musical talent with catchy songs that take unexpected turns into a deranged state of controlled chaos. 
Subliminally channelling their morose vision of today's world. 
Available from 8th March 2019 from Imminent Destruction Records.

Listen here:

HARHAT - Käskyjä ja Uhkauksia 7"

Brand new 7" from HARHAT!

Six new songs following on from their debut 7" EP last year.

More furious, punchy Finnish Hardcore with a D-Beat touch from this excellent band.

The sound on this 7" is thicker and clearer than the 1st and shows how the band have refined their skills by playing live extensively in the period in between.

Comparisons have been made with such bands as AARITILA, MUSTA KASI, MELLAKKA and RIISTETYT and i'd say HARHAT can hold their own against any of those (as much as I love those bands!)

300 copies pressed.

You can listen to samples here: