Sunday 29 April 2012

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Friday 27 April 2012

New Release Coming Soon!

Vendetta – S/T EP (European Edition)
Following on from their compilation appearance on ‘Step Into The Light’ LP at the end of last year and their debut 4 track self released EP that was limited to 500 copies; only sold in Japan and released to high acclaim.
The band have agreed for the official European repress to be released on Imminent Destruction Records (UK) in cooperation with Narm Discos (Japan).
With new artwork and an additional new track recorded exclusively for this release, this is a welcome and eagerly awaited chance for fans outside of Japan to gain one of the stand-out EP’s from 2011.
The repressed version is limited to 300 copies only and will be pressed on coloured wax. Due for release very soon, exact date to follow.
For sale at:

Monday 16 April 2012

First release on IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS out now!
4 way cooperative release with SEKAC records / REST OF NOISE records / NHDIYST records.
Alea Iacta Est / RAS - Split EP. Old School Grind / HC  / Crust Punk
250 copies pressed on black vinyl, hand numbered and 52 special edition copies on red vinyl, hand numbered with different artwork and booklet / sticker.
For sale at:
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